Healthy Avocado Hummus

A delicious blend of avocado and hummus makes it perfect dip for nacho chips or fillings on burger or chicken wraps. Avocado Hummus dip is smooth, healthy and very tasty, which makes it perfect dish for many gatherings.


2 Avocados

1 pack Barada Classic Hummus

Black Pepper

1/8 tbsp Cumin

3 tbsp olive oil


Chili pepper



1. Peel off 2 avocados, blend it with 1 pack Barada hummus using a blender or vegetable crusher.

2. Add black pepper, cumin, olive oil, and salt altogether, blend it to avocado and hummus mixture.

3. Place it on a bowl, and top it with some coriander and chili pepper.

4. Perfectly serve with pita bread or nacho chips.