About us

Liviano & Barada

Liviano’s great founders are inspired by traditional Middle Eastern delicacies, sprouted in the Arab world thousand of years ago. Their more than 25 years of extensive experience in FMCG has brought them into transforming Arabic cuisine into modern delivery yet traditional dips. Thus, Barada hummus brand made it available to the market.

Liviano’s vision is to transform the delivery of traditional delicacies into fast phase, to serve you better without compromising the food safety standards.

We commit to the highest quality and food safety standards; select the best ingredients and adapt the modern technology into our food process.

We care about your food and life style and based on our in-depth knowledge of culture , food habits and health challenges of many among the community, we strive to continuously develop a nutritional products for better & healthier choices.

Our selection of dips

  •  Barada Hummus Dips comes in 4 flavors: Classic, Spicy, Olive & Chili packed starting from 280g perfect for small serving and convenient eating.
  •  4kg large packs for restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, and food service partners.
  • Barada Garlic Sauce and Spicy Garlic Sauce: Super popular a pungent spreadable sauce and Dipping. Great taste with Fries/ Shish Tanoak/ Grilled Meat and Chicken, & Shawarma.
  • Barada Mutabal – it is made of eggplant similar to baba Ghanoush, a cool dip perfect with meat dishes and summer meals.
  • Barada Snacks: Coming Soon: Barada Snacks Chocolate Hummus: A new healthier chocolate for spreading and Dipping (Gluten Free/ Less Sugar/ Lower Calories).

  •  Wait for more new innovative Dips and Sauces.

Simple Ingredients, Great Taste & Smile .. Good Food, Good Times